11 Badass Ways To “Make It Rain”

Let the Benjamins fly. And sometimes they come flying from badass explosions, like in 2 Guns, in theaters August 2nd.

1. Do it while in da club:

Universal Republic / Via youtube.com

2. …like you just don’t care:

3. …or in the privacy of your own home:

ABC Studios / Via statenislandman.tumblr.com

4. After writing a song titled “Make It Rain”

Terror Squad / Via youtube.com

5. Or in the middle of shooting a music video:

E1 Entertainment / Via youtube.com

6. By using fives and singles because you don’t give a damn:

7. By throwing it on your boss:

NBC Universal / Via tumblr.com

8. By tossing it out the window (because you’re a baby who doesn’t understand the concept of money):

9. By throwing it in a neat little circle:

10. …while wearing a pink shirt thing:

20th Century Fox Television / Via mygifsaresohip.tumblr.com

11. ..or with all the swag in the world:

NBC Universal / Via thatoneblackfriend.tumblr.com

Presented by the movie that makes it rain by exploding cars, 2 Guns:

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