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11 People Who Just Got What They Wanted For Christmas

Christmas morning faces are the happiest faces. Check out how ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is spreading holiday joy with Pop Up Santa!

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1. When this boy asked for Spider-Man, he wasn't expecting the real thing:

2. This family just got the best surprise ever:

3. This sloth who just got a cat, and life is amazing!

4. This woman, who opened a present that will change her life forever:

5. These people just wanted a big party, and they got it:

6. (Dogs like presents too.)

7. This boy got a little too excited with his present:

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8. Nothing will ever top this moment, ever:

9. This grandma, who COULD NOT WAIT to start trying out her new video game:

10. This boy who just KNOWS Santa got him that bike he wanted:

11. And this girl, who pretty much knows she has the best parents in the world:

Watching Christmas dreams come true is everything. Check out how ABC Family’s Pop Up Santa is making Christmas fantasies a reality, like this unbelievable reunion at Disney on Ice!

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