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22 Ways Being A Parent Is Like Being An Undercover Narc

Is raising a child exactly like taking down a drug lord? Actually, kinda. Jenko and Schmidt are back to clean up the streets or die trying: 22 Jump Street, available on Amazon Instant Video.

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1. You'll have to say goodbye to your old life and friends.

2. Know that you will live in a state of constant danger.

3. You have to spend a lot of time around dank substances.


4. A big part of your day is listening to weirdos jabber about nonsense.

5. A surprising amount of your life now belongs to taking and cataloguing photos.

6. You wish you had a lie detector for every situation.

7. Everything happens late at night, so you're useless during the day.

8. You learn to be tough if you want respect.

9. Nobody ever seems to do what you want them to do.

10. Don't get "in too deep" — you'll need to dress, talk, and eat like the thugs you're watching, but be careful not to lose your grip on reality.


11. Sometimes you have to put people behind bars for their own good.


12. You spend a lot of time in weird disguises.

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13. You take a lot of physical abuse.

14. Sometimes your job exposes you to things no rational human would ever want to see.

15. You live in a constant state of paranoid high alert.

16. You live and die by your vehicle...

17. ...and, by the way, someone's gonna trash that vehicle. Guaranteed.

18. Basically your whole job is stopping people from doing the shady things they want to do.

19. You see everyone at their worst.

20. Sometimes you wonder if you're doing more harm than good.

21. And the people you're trying to protect go psycho on you, like, ALL THE TIME.

22. But at least when someone drives you crazy, you can put them in a time-out.


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