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22 People Who Might Be Out Of Their Element

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it's obvious that you don't fit in... as elegantly demonstrated by the following 22 GIFs. Undercover officers Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are about to learn that lesson the hard way in 22 Jump Street, available on Amazon Instant Video.

1. This big chicken:

2. This gentleman, who proves that exercise is not for everyone:

3. These soulmates:

4. And these:

5. This woman who has no idea how to gracefully end a conversation:

6. This person visiting Dogtown for the first time:

7. This gymnast taking a gym-nasty spill:

8. This tailor:

9. This guy who doesn't know the meaning of "water park":

10. This pilot who thinks every plane is a seaplane:

11. This horseketball all-star:

12. These Olympicats:

13. This woman who is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with automatic doors:

14. This new dog learning an old trick:

15. This would-be Avenger:

16. This poster child for higher education:

17. This babeski:

18. These penguins (who are literally IN their element, so they have no excuse):

19. This swinger:

20. This smooth criminal:

21. This hothead:

22. And these newlywets:

See Channing and Jonah get way out of their element on October 28, when 22 Jump Street comes to Amazon Instant Video.