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    Posted on Feb 1, 2017

    5 Reasons Eating At Jimmie's Ice Cream And Grill Should Be Your 2017 New Year's Resolution

    What makes Jimmies Ice Cream and Grill such a popular eatery in little, old, Brewer, Maine? If you haven't tried it, swing by 409 North Main Street in Brewer Maine starting March 1st!

    5. They have the best burgers in town

    Hands down, the most delicious burgers around. The meat is ground fresh daily and topped with a toasted bun! There is nothing quite like a Jimmie's burger!

    4. Their "secret menu" has some real hidden gems

    I'm not sure if this secret menu was purposeful or if things just started getting ordered so often that they became unofficial constants at Jimmie's Ice Cream but irregardless, they have so many ways to mix and match different staples to make your very own unique creation! One of my personal favorites is the cherry and cheesecake flurry - not on the menu but definitely worth a try, your life will forever be changed if you do!

    3. They serve Gifford's Ice Cream

    If you're from New England there's no way you haven't heard about/tried Gifford's Ice Cream. Hands down the best ice cream ever created. Need we say more?

    2. Friendly Staff & Convenient Location

    Grab your meal to go or grab a spot on the picnic tables and soak up the summer sun! It is located right off the main road and a super quick and easy stop. Call ahead, order once you get there, or chit chat with the friendly staff while you wait for your order.

    1. Biggest Ice Cream Cones EVER

    I hate to save the best reason to visit for last, but, well, I did. Order a small cone at Jimmie's? Good luck finishing it. The portion sizes are huge and a total bargain! Never again pay for an overpriced Dairy Queen ice cream cone.

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