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You're Invited To Nyan Cat's Birthday Party

21st Street Games is hosting a birthday party, commemorating the day Nyan Cat was born to YouTube.

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Nyan's 1st Birthday at 21st Street Games


April 2, 2011: Nyan Cat was Born

April 5, 2011: The YouTube video aired and the WORLD. KNEW. NYAN CAT.

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 we’re throwing a birthday party for Nyan Cat at 21st Street Games. This event is at 4:30 on USTREAM at We’ll have cake, a piñata, lots of Nyan Cat Adventure game playing, Prguitarman (Chris Torres) in attendance and a special surprise!

Download Nyan Cat Adventure on iOS and Xbox Indies, and tune in to USTREAM at 4:30pm eastern for a special surprise!

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