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21 Reasons Why Bad Decisions Are The Best Decisions

Good stories don’t start with good choices. They need yelling, some stumbling, and plenty of “who-wha-huh?” And no one knows this better than the guys of 21 & Over, in theaters on March 1st.

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1. Bad decisions push your limits.

2. Your wardrobe.

3. Your tattoo gallery.

4. And you'll have all the stories...

5. ...even if someone else remembers them for you.

People, the buddy system works.

6. You'll learn how many tacos you can eat.

Tell your entire family: it was eleven.

7. How much money you'd make "dancing."

8. Or maybe that you're a really good fighter?

9. (Whoops, you're not.)

But scars are sexy. So there's that?

10. Bad decisions test your navigation skills.

11. They teach you to find new hiding places.

After a few drinks, we're all just squirrels looking for a safe tree trunk.

12. You finally decide to make smarter decisions with your money.

13. You get answers to the important question: "Can I outrun the police?"

All signs point to... very unlikely. But thanks for playing!

14. And you build up crazy arm muscles from your new getaway chair.

15. Walking becomes a game.

It's tripple overtime in the epic rivalry of you vs. gravity.

16. You may do something legendary.

17. You may even open up to some strangers.

18. Or get a free photo.

Just don't look for it on instagram.

19. But no matter how terribly, horribly, awfully bad those bad decisions...

20.'s nothing you can't dance off.

Possibility in a group dance off.

21. Because no one talks about the night they spent here...