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12 Reasons Why "Stuber" Might Be The Most Relatable Movie Of 2019

Take away the giant cop chasing the bad guy, and this is literally your life.

Stuber, the new hilarious comedy hitting cinemas this July, could be the most relatable film of 2019.

1. First off, we're all just trying to get through.

2. Even if we end up in some ~zesty~ situations.

3. We've all worked at a shitty job at one point...

4. ...with a shitty boss.

5. We've all experienced the fact that U-turns are actually really hard?!

6. Our streaming services all look a little like this.

7. And let's be real...who hasn't sent one of these?

8. It preaches brains over brawn...

9. ...even if it feels like our life is going a little bit like this.

10. Also, cute doggos can be found throughout.

11. Toxic masculinity is a hard no.

12. And finally, it knows what we want most of all: those 5 stars...

Head to cinemas July 11 to see Stuber, the movie that'll make you say, "Yup, that's me."

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