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11 Times We Were All Vic From "Stuber"

Being angry that there are other passengers in your rideshare is literally all of us.

Stuber, the hilarious new comedy hitting cinemas from July 11, tells the story of Stu – the mild-mannered driver we wish we knew. But want to know who we’re really here for? Vic. Honestly he’s all of us rn. You know, minus the biceps and the wild police chases...

1. When he was in a rush and his driver wanted to chat but he wasn't having it.

2. When he lost it at the other passengers in his rideshare.

3. When he was upfront about the fact that he cares more for dogs than for people.

4. When he was desperate to convince his unmotivated friends to go out that night.

5. When he played the best hype man ever...

6. ...even after his mate messed up.

7. When he was honest about his body catching up to him.

8. When he wasn't afraid to ask for what he wanted.

9. When his terrible driving was honestly such a mood.

10. When Stu was 100% done, but Vic was feeling it and didn't care.

11. And finally, when he was just doing his best to keep up with new tech.

Head to cinemas on July 11 to catch Vic in action in Stuber.

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