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    23 Clothing Items Every College Girl Should Own

    A compilation of items that every college girl needs in her closet.

    1. Chambray Button Up

    2. Combat Boots

    3. Converse, Vans, or Keds

    4. Leggings

    5. Power Suit

    6. Black Skinny Jeans

    7.Oversized Sweater

    8. Fashion Scarves

    9. Statement Necklace

    10. Riding Boots

    11. Tote

    12. Black High Heels

    13. Little Black Dress

    14. Skinny Jeans

    15. Workout Clothes & Shoes

    16. Vest

    17. Light Jacket

    18. Booties

    19. Colored Bottoms

    20. Blazer

    21. Watch

    22. Nike Shorts

    23. Hat