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    23 Clothing Items Every College Girl Should Own

    A compilation of items that every college girl needs in her closet.

    1. Chambray Button Up

    The most versatile item in every closet.

    2. Combat Boots

    Essential for many occasions, especially those in the Fall.

    3. Converse, Vans, or Keds

    Shoes perfect for adding a "sporty" touch to an outfit.

    4. Leggings

    For the sake of all women, throw away the see through leggings.

    5. Power Suit

    If you ever want to graduate college.. you need one of these.

    6. Black Skinny Jeans

    You cannot go wrong with some black skinnies.

    7.Oversized Sweater

    Looks good, feels like a giant blanket.

    8. Fashion Scarves

    Fashionable and covers up your hickeys. Two for one!

    9. Statement Necklace

    A game changer when it comes to completing an outfit.

    10. Riding Boots

    A must have for fall and winter on campus.

    11. Tote

    Holds your phone, laptop, iPad, make up, planner, flats, wallet, and kitchen sink.

    12. Black High Heels

    Self explanatory.

    13. Little Black Dress

    Everyone knows the importance of the LBD.

    14. Skinny Jeans

    Because flared jeans haven't been worn since 2007.

    15. Workout Clothes & Shoes

    If you have workout clothes.. you'll go to the gym. Right..?

    16. Vest

    Now back in style from the early 2000's.

    17. Light Jacket

    Army green is the new black when it comes to light jackets.

    18. Booties

    The "go to" shoe when it is too cold for wedges.

    19. Colored Bottoms

    Two words.. J. Crew,

    20. Blazer

    Perfect for multiple occasions.

    21. Watch

    Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Fossil, and so on.

    22. Nike Shorts

    Otherwise known as "norts"

    23. Hat

    For days when you just can't get out of bed and shower.

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