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    • 20SeatsAndCounting

      “You got: Lucas Entertainment
      You have a worldly sense about you. Class is always the name of the game, whether it’s in your manners, tact, or sense of style. People often come to you for advice, because you’ve done it all. You’d never be caught in anything but your finest attire after 6 p.m., because what are you, a farmer?” I’m not a big fan of LE but I’ll take it (pardon the pun).

    • 20SeatsAndCounting

      You got: Your act of heroism! If someone asked you, you would bet that you’d never see your fifteen minutes of fame. Who, you? You’re just living your life, doing your thing! Which is why your story is that much MORE compelling when you get caught in a disaster (what are those newborn puppies doing in the middle of the street????) and you rise to the occasion. You had it in you all along! Seems like a stretch

    • 20SeatsAndCounting

      Perfect by Simple Plan Sums up that entire time. #AllTheFeels

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