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11 Facial Expressions You Can't Trust At Face Value

You had to be there. Freeze-frames can be deceiving, which is why the 1U app by Hoyos Labs is built on liveness detection to provide maximum online security.

11 Reasons Fingerprints Just Won't Cut It Anymore

"It's a match!" Although way better than your numerical passwords, fingerprints have their faults. So if you really want security, get 1U — the system that combines liveness and multiple biometrics to give maximum security.

If Your Password Were Honest With You

It wouldn't forgive when you forget. Good thing we have the 1U app by Hoyos Labs — a system that relies on your biometrics to grant access, not your fleeting memory.

19 Signs Your Password Is Basic

"It's my favorite season plus my favorite food!" 'Tis the season to reconsider your password, or better yet, download the biometric-driven 1U app from Hoyos Labs.