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    Gossip Girl's Identity Makes No Sense And I'm Still Angry About It

    Yes, I know I'm late!

    Gossip Girl was the first teen drama I ever watched. I was obsessed with it, and before the finale, I made a board of everyone Gossip Girl could be:


    Me, basically.

    I came down to a couple conclusions: it could be Dorota, or Eric, or maybe Jenny. But Dan??? No way.

    The CW

    Okay, this scene in the pilot was kind of sketchy. But then we spent seasons seeing Dan ruin his OWN LIFE through GG posts!

    Like when he exposed that Serena was ~sort-of~ his sister through GG even though he'd been trying to trying to keep that from her:

    The CW

    Which basically ruined their relationship.

    Or when he posted that Serena had an STD.

    The CW

    When he supposedly loved her?

    And that she'd bought a pregnancy test, leading his family to freak?

    The CW

    ALSO, there were numerous times he reacted to Gossip Girl posts WITH ALARM AND SHOCK even though he was alone.


    I get that the show wouldn't want to make it so obvious, but still! Who was Dan pretending for?

    Like when he found out Nate and Jenny were an item on GG, and acted like he was just finding out about it — yes, Rufus was right there, but he didn't show anyone the post!

    The CW

    Also, he claimed that the whole blog was a "love letter" to Serena? But he posted about a ton of other people, and most of his posts about Serena were mean.

    The CW

    And are we just going to gloss over the fact that the GG post about Blair and Chuck in the limo is what caused the crash that caused Blair to miscarry and almost killed Chuck?

    The CW

    Dan didn't even care, or apologize. That's not the Dan I knew in Seasons 1-5.

    Okay fine, Dan was a dick in Season 6. I'd believe he was Gossip Girl then. But before? It just doesn't add up.


    I don't know if they just chose Dan to be GG last minute, or they had some other plan, but the finale just did not make sense.

    The CW

    Honestly... it should've been Dorota! 🤷

    The CW / Via

    And that's that on that.

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