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    Robert Forster Has Died

    On the same day he revived his character in the Breaking Bad universe.

    Today, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Film premiered, featuring Robert Forster in his role as Ed Galbraith, a man who both sells vacuums and gives people new identities.

    Today was also the day Robert Forster died.

    He had also previously starred in Twin Peaks, Rear Window, Mulholland Drive, and many more. He was even nominated for an Academy Award for Tarantino's Jackie Brown.

    Forster had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer, and he died in his home this Friday.

    He leaves behind a partner, four children, four grandchildren, and a film legacy spanning decades.

    El Camino was a beautiful tribute to Jessie Pinkman and Breaking Bad, but we hadn't expected it to become a tribute to the late actor as well.

    His performance was heavily featured, his no-nonsense character eventually ensuring Jessie's escape to Alaska. Everything from the acting to the cinematography of the film was extremely well done, and Forster was no exception.

    We give our condolences to Forster's family, and hope that we can use this film to celebrate Forster's life and career.