"High School Musical" Is A Knockoff Of A Bunch Of Other DCOMs, And I Have The Receipts

    And you thought we didn't notice, Disney Channel!!!

    Hi. I'm Hannah, and I'm a massive High School Musical fan.

    Growing up, I was also a huge DCOM fan in general. Which means I'd seen all the classics, like Pixel Perfect, Zenon, The Thirteenth Year, The Luck of The Irish... you name it.

    But by the time Jump In! came out, I was starting to notice a pattern: It had the EXACT SAME PLOT as High School Musical... STARRING a main character from High School Musical!

    In case you forgot the plot of Jump In!, I will retell it here:

    Basically, it's about a guy who does a "manly" sport (boxing) because his dad's the coach. He accidentally stumbles into a "girly" activity (jump roping), finds he enjoys it, and has to struggle between the two commitments along with his dad's expectations. CULMINATING IN A COMPETITION.


    But wait, there's more!

    Anyone remember another lil' DCOM called Eddie's Million Dollar Cookoff from 2003????

    Here's the description:

    A junior high student named Eddie Ogden is an aspiring baseball player. His father, who is also Eddie's baseball coach, gives him quite a bit of support when it comes to his athletic interests. However, his true passion is actually cooking, and Eddie just can't resist pursuing his culinary skills. This love for cooking begins to interfere with baseball, and despite the disappointment expressed by his friends and father, Eddie enters a high-profile cooking competition.

    I'm sorry, is this not the *exact same plot* as both High School Musical and Jump In!???

    TL;DR: The Disney Channel is a SCAMMER. (And even when I learned this, I still loved every single DCOM and I will watch these movies until I am old and gray.)