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    13 Times Blair Waldorf Proved She Was A Queen Without A Single Insult

    Everyone needs a Blair Waldorf in their life.

    1. When she delivered this iconic line:

    The CW/Giphy

    2. And then proved it when Chuck tried to ruin her dating prospects after their breakup:

    The CW

    She refused to play Chuck's games any longer!

    3. When Blair was there for Chuck even though he'd broken her heart.

    The CW/Giphy

    Chuck didn't deserve Blair's kindness, but Blair stepped up and did it because it needed to be done.

    4. And again, when she was constantly there for Chuck after he'd pushed her away.

    The CW/Giphy

    Again, Chuck didn't deserve this queen.

    5. Not to mention, she was literally there for Serena after she found out she KILLED SOMEONE (sort of).

    The CW/Giphy

    Serena wasn't the best friend, but whenever she really needed Blair, Blair was there for her.

    6. And she constantly reminded S what she deserved.

    The CW/Giphy

    7. When Serena wanted to leave town, Blair reminded her not all was lost.

    The CW/Giphy

    8. When she broke up with Chuck so she could put her career first.

    The CW/Giphy

    9. Then she got a job at W Magazine without any connections by faxing her resume to EVERY MACHINE IN THE BUILDING.

    The CW/Giphy


    10. She also knew how to rock a crown herself.

    The CW/Giphy

    11. When she stopped fighting for Chuck because it wasn't good for her.

    The CW/Giphy

    We stan a queen who takes time for herself.

    12. And when she swallowed her pride and went after exactly what she wanted.

    The CW/Giphy

    She went after Chuck and began to run her mother's company.

    13. And finally, when she knew her power.

    The CW/Giphy

    And that's that on that!

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