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    19 Incredibly Annoying Things All Retail Workers Have To Deal With On A Daily Basis

    This is why everybody should work in retail at least once. It will humble you.

    1. Everything's going fine until someone gripes about the amount of items allowed in the fitting room.

    2. And then they try to tell you they should be an exception because they're not just a ~regular customer~.

    3. Someone complains to you about the price of an item.

    4. And then asks for a discount because "this should really cost less."

    5. A customer leaves all their items on the floor, inside out, in the fitting room.

    6. A customer holds up the line by re-deciding on each of their 20 pieces while at the register.

    7. A random guy ASKS YOU OUT while you're on the clock.

    8. An item won't scan or you forget to ring it up until the end, and the customer makes a joke about it being free.

    9. Someone says "Wow, you're busy today!" and then proceeds to ask you eight million common sense questions or try on 35 items and take ZERO.

    10. Someone asks you to throw out their FULL smoothie/coffee in your tiny trash bin.

    11. Someone blatantly ignores you standing outside the fitting room and tries to speed past you with 20 items.

    12. Someone starts telling you in-depth stuff about their personal life even though you're helping other customers.

    13. An older male customer starts making inappropriate comments to you.

    14. Or even worse, has you BUTTON THEIR SHIRT or TIE THEIR SHOES so they can get close to you.

    15. Two (or more) people try to go in the dressing room together.

    16. A big group of people comes in two minutes before close and say "thank god we made it in time!"

    17. After you're already closed (or before you open), someone bangs on the door and asks you to open for them.

    18. Someone lets their kids run rampant in the store for hours and mess up all the clothes while they shop.

    19. And finally, at least one person angrily asks to speak to a manager.