19 "WTF" Teen TV Moments That I Still Can't Believe Actually Happened

    Riverdale Season 3. Full stop.

    🚨WARNING: This post is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk! 🚨

    1. When the dog ate Dan's heart on One Tree Hill

    2. And when Clay FORGOT HE HAD A SON, also on One Tree Hill

    3. Another One Tree Hill moment — when Nanny Carrie abducted Dan, fed him bugs, then tried to kidnap Jamie (AGAIN) only to be stopped by Deb.

    4. When Betty kidnapped her own mother on Riverdale.

    5. And when Archie killed his past self (?) with a baseball bat?

    6. Oh and who could forget when Betty saw her niece and nephew LEVITATE? Like...?

    7. When Bart "came back to life" on Gossip Girl...

    8. ...and then Chuck let him FALL TO HIS DEATH.

    9. When Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl.

    10. When Mona faked her own death, then actually died (they showed her body?), and then turned out to be alive on Pretty Little Liars.

    11. And when Maddie Ziegler randomly showed up on PLL to do a weird dance?

    12. Or how about when the new "A" was revealed to be Spencer's British twin... ????

    13. When it was revealed (spoiler alert) that Alex killed Bryce on 13 Reasons Why.

    14. When Mr. Shue's wife faked her pregnancy and then tried to buy Quinn's baby on Glee.

    15. Or what about when Sue tried to commit "sue-icide" with gummy vitamins.

    16. When Marissa shot Trey on The O.C.

    17. And when Marissa, THE MAIN CHARACTER, died.

    18. When Annie literally KILLED SOMEONE on 90210 and covered it up for an entire season... and dated the guy's nephew!

    19. And finally, when it was revealed Josie's coven had somehow transferred her twins into Caroline's womb on The Vampire Diaries.