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    15 TV Characters Who Had The Best Story Arcs Of All Time

    Let's pinpoint exactly when your faves became your faves. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    1. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones


    Sansa went from a little girl who wanted nothing more than to marry a prince to an incredibly intelligent queen and certified badass. She figured out Lord Baelish was manipulating her and had him killed, had Ramsay eaten alive by his dogs, and negotiated her brother's freedom. She fought for the North and we love her for it.

    2. Michael from The Good Place


    Okay, so I could really put every character from The Good Place (Janet!!!) here. That's kind of the point of the show. But come on — Michael went from being a literal demon taking joy in torturing the four humans to being their best friend and the biggest advocate for saving humanity. There's no contest here.

    3. Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars


    Alison was a total mean girl, even after she came back "from the dead" and acted like she was trying to change. But by the time they found the second A, Ali had become close with the Liars again and owned up for her past sins. She even forgave Cece and fought for her freedom. By the time they found the third A, she had confronted her feelings for Emily and became someone who was actually worth Emily's time. By the time they found the fourth A — just kidding, thank god the show ended.

    4. Walter White from Breaking Bad


    I didn't say all character development had to be good! Walt went from jaded high school teacher to drug kingpin — but the real development for me came when he finally admitted that he didn't do it all to help his family, but because he liked the power. WE BEEN KNEW, SIS.

    5. Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill

    The WB, The CW

    Brooke went from being an immature, insecure party girl to a wonderful friend, CEO, and mother. She owned up to her past mistakes and was always there for those who needed her. Honestly, Peyton didn't deserve her as a BFF.

    6. Steve from Stranger Things


    Ok, IMO, Steve was always great. But he definitely came into his own as Dad™️ of the gang at the end of Season 1, and it only progressed from there. Protective, silly, and understanding, Steve became the Dad friend we all need.

    7. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    (Stelena fans don't @ me.) Damon starts off as a selfish psychopath who barely has any humanity. Even as he gets better, he refuses to let Elena make her own choices when her safety is at risk. But in Season 6, Damon saves Bonnie's life even though it means Elena will be asleep for decades, because a) that's what Elena wants and b) he cares about Bonnie.

    In late Season 7 and Season 8, he finally owns up for his actions and helps Stefan let him go, sacrificing himself for his brother in the end (even though it doesn't work).

    8. Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf


    She started off as a prissy, powerless, selfish teenager who hid her intelligence and dated the bad boys. By the end of the series, she was a powerful banshee with a self-professed IQ above 170 who only wanted to help save her friends. We love to see it!!

    9. Nick Miller from New Girl


    Nick was a (relatable) mess when the show started. There was always chemistry between him and Jess, but their first relationship ended in a mess, because Nick was never going to be as responsible as Jess was pushing him to be, and he didn't think he deserved her. But in the end, Nick stepped up and actually followed his passion (writing) and became the man that Jess always knew he could be. IF NICK CAN DO IT, WE ALL CAN!

    10. Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill

    The WB, The CW

    Nathan was straight up THE WORST in the beginning. He was mean, petty, and only cared about basketball. But loving Haley turned Nathan into a strong, sensitive, man who wanted to change. Losing her caused him to spiral downward again — but he picked himself up and learned to stand on his own two feet before they got back together. In the end, he cared about his family and friends above all else, even sacrificing basketball. Am I still in love with Nathan, you ask??? Absolutely.

    11. Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    I mean, even from Season 1 to 2, she had amazing development. She went from being an insecure, catty fake friend to the best friend in the series. She showed so much kindness and love to everyone, but she wasn't afraid to call people out when they were doing things wrong. She never gave up on her friends, and she became an amazing mother of two children that weren't even hers. She always kept life fun and positive. We all need a Caroline Forbes in our lives.

    12. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time


    Emma went from not believing in fairytales and wanting to run away from Henry and Regina to fully embracing her role as savior and fighting for her son. She went from not even being able to give herself hope to giving everyone hope. Honestly I need a little bit of an Emma Swan arc in my life rn.

    13. Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place


    So Eleanor was a pretty trash person at the start. In her own words, she "sometimes left H&M wearing more underwear than she was wearing when she came in." But over the course of the series, she fought again and again to find the truth — and when she passed the test to get into The Good Place, she decided to stay with her friends rather than go. In the last season, we've seen her become a stronger leader fighting to save humanity, even though she doesn't feel prepared for the role.

    14. Arya Stark from Game of Thrones


    I mean, do I even have to say it? Arya was just a spunky little kid when the show started. By the end, she was the WARRIOR WHO KILLED THE NIGHT KING. Just wow. What have you accomplished in your life?

    15. And Eleven from Stranger Things


    Again, it's hard to pick just a couple from Stranger Things, but Eleven had the biggest arc. She barely spoke at the beginning, refusing to trust anyone but Mike. Season 2 saw her grow to trust Hopper, too, and have the courage to confront her past. In Stranger Things 3 she became a strong and independent woman who don't need no man, plus she saved the world (again). Don't you hate when people younger than you are more successful?