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    21 Lame Reasons Your Company Doesn't Allow Flexible Work Options

    Wouldn’t life be sweeter if you could sprinkle a little flexibility into your day, so that your work life and your personal life were in better balance—and you didn't have to schlep into the office every day, either? While some companies have embraced work flexibility in their corporate culture by allowing employees to work from home or set their own schedules, many, sadly, are still lagging behind. Help us show the world that these employers should move into the 21st Century. Spread the word and join the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement today!

    1. If you work from home, you’ll be on Facebook all day and shopping online. Not like you’d EVER do that at the office.

    2. If you don’t go into the office, who will your boss complain to that he has so much work to do?

    3. They prefer to shell out big bucks in rent, electricity and equipment to have you sit in a cubicle and stare into space for three-quarters of your work day.

    4. If you work from home, who will fetch your boss’ coffee/mail/ointment cream?

    5. Your company actually likes it when you come into the office with a raging head cold, spreading your cooties everywhere. Sharing is caring, after all.

    6. Sitting through your third meeting of the day is so much more important than you attending your child’s kindergarten graduation.

    7. They just don’t TRUST you. Case closed.

    8. Work-life balance? What’s that?

    9. It’s hard to micromanage every second of your employees’ professional lives when you live in New York…and your staff is in New Mexico.

    10. It's easier to monitor employees’ Farmville and Candy Crush progress in an office than if they’re working from home.

    11. Hearing about hellish commutes into work makes a great start to the workday.

    12. They won’t be able to see (or smell) what you’ve eaten for lunch.

    13. For a boss, there’s nothing like seeing your employee’s facial expression when you say, “Yeeeaaaaahhhhh. I'm going need you to come in on Sunday, too."

    14. It’s easier to raid cubicles for candy and other tasty treats when employees are in the office than if they work at home.

    15. If they let you work from home, employers would actually have to learn how to manage a remote workforce.

    16. Your company thinks you will most likely take your kid to the park and play and have fun all day—and they’re going to feel like they’re stuck in Time Out.

    17. Work only happens in an office and not anywhere else. Like in a coffee shop. Or on an airplane. Or during your kid's three-hour soccer practice.

    18. Office crushes are virtually impossible when you have an, um, virtual staff.

    19. It’s confusing to managers when they have to identify staffers’ voices on a conference call.

    20. It’s a proven fact that telecommuters work in pajamas all day, and if your boss is suffering in the office in an uncomfortable three-piece suit, so shall you.

    21. It’s another known fact that telecommuters never get up from their desks and eat incessantly. That’s why your company won’t let you work at home. They’re thinking of your health, after all.

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