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    20 Valentine's Day Ideas That Won't Make You Want To Vomit

    Stores filled with flowers, balloons, and boxes of chocolates can mean only one thing: Valentine's Day is almost here. If these cutesy expressions of love aren't for you, here are 20 totally noncheesy ways to show your S.O. how much you care.

    1. Firecracker Ice Pops

    2. Heart-Covered Cookie Wrapper

    3. X’s and O’s Cupcakes

    4. Candy Gems

    5. Pastel Layer Cake

    6. 3-D Valentine’s Day Accordion Card

    7. Champagne Punch

    8. Pink Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd

    9. Cookie Envelope

    10. Fondue Party

    11. Instagram Photostrips

    12. Candy and Tulip Bouquet

    13. Folding Envelope Hearts

    14. Felt Fortune Cookies

    15. Crayon Hearts

    16. Apple Roses

    17. Lacy Votive Holder

    18. Photo Throw Pillow

    19. Crayon Stained-Glass Heart Cards

    20. Doily Envelopes