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10 Reasons Being The Youngest Person At Work Sucks

Work's bad enough as it is, add in the fact that everyone you work with is at least twice your age and it's pretty much hell on earth.

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2. No one you work with understands the actual lack of jobs available now.

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Like, yeah you're underemployed and your degree is just going to waste and gathering dust, but there's nothing else available. You gotta make the green somehow, but they just don't get that.

4. While they live in constant disapproval.

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They don't like hearing about your social life anymore than you like hearing about theirs - they just don't care enough to hide their disapproval either.

"What are JagerBombs and why would you drink so many of them?"


6. They can never quite tell when you're joking.

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When you're serious they think you're joking, and when you're joking they think you're serious. Yep, that flawless wit you've been honing and perfecting for years now goes completely unappreciated for eight hours a day.

7. They enjoy explaining to you how gross/disturbing/painful aging is.

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In fact, they seem to enjoy this far too much - it's almost as if they get some kind of sick satisfaction out of reminding you that your youth won't last forever.


10. And to top it all off, you didn't sign up for any of this.

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You worked hard. You got a degree. Yet, you're still stuck in a job you hate with people who hate you - let's not even mention that once you're in full-time work your co-workers are basically your dating-pool.

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