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17 Moments Only Orchestra Fans Have Experienced

Classical music FTW.

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1. The epic silence between the last note and applause.

torontosymphony / Via

We're too spellbound to clap just yet.

2. When the concertmaster walks on stage, and you feel hardly worthy of their presence.

NBC / Via

3. When epic conductors do more cardio in one show than you do in a week.

CBC Music / Via

4. When a conductor has great hair.

I mean, come on.
Chris Christodoulou / LA Times / Via

I mean, come on.

5. When just stepping into the concert hall takes your breath away.

Are you sure I'm allowed to be in here?

Are you sure I'm allowed to be in here?

6. Being surrounded by a beautiful standing ovation.

Universal Pictures

We're not standing because we've been sitting in these uncomfortable seats all night, we're standing because we're ENAMOURED.

7. When the conductor gets super into it, and so then you get excited about the tune as well.

YouTube / Via

Bring it, Alondra de la Parra.

8. The spine-tingling sound of an orchestra tuning.

View this video on YouTube / Via

I'm excited already. Who's with me?

9. The Mahler hammer. So. Badass.

reddit / Via

10. When the soloist gives an impromptu encore, and you're like:

Rank Organisation / Via

11. High C's. Ahoy!

CBC Music / Via!/genres/Classical/blogs/2013/12/Epic-classical-music-GIFs-from-Dudamel-to-Hamelin-Barenboim-to-Bartoli

12. When a pianist pounds the hell out of a concerto.

YouTube / Via

You go, Martha.

13. When musicians show their emotions.


14. When the soloist is talented and dreamy. 😍

BBC 1 / Via

15. When the music makes you want to dance.

16. When you know the music will be stuck in your head all week... but you're OK with it.


Cue: Haydn.

17. And when the music takes you to another world and you never want to come back.

Cheezburger / Via

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