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    • 18Echo

      Really? I guess their digging for the truth is something to worry about when you have an administration that does nothing but lie.  Just stop for a second and ask yourself. What IF the decision to not come to the aid of these people actually was political and there are people being prevented from telling US the truth? If that was true wouldn’t you want congress to move heaven and earth to get at the truth?  Well, that is exactly what we heard in todays testimony. That state BLOCKED the response. All we don’t know is how high that decision went. I’d think that regardless of party, you would want to know the answer to that question. After all it was ANOTHER terrorist attack on another 9/11 and now everyone admits that it had nothing to do AT ALL with any video.  We know, fact certain, that the administration is lying. It’s the depth of the cover up we still need to figure out.

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