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14 Things You Do In A Relationship That Deserve Flowers

Because the key to a great relationship is appreciating all the little things you and your S.O. do for each other!

1. Vibing with their terrible dance moves.

2. Smiling through the 50th selfie of the day.

3. (Bonus points for allowing your partner to choose the filter.)

4. Answering the door for takeout when your partner doesn't want to get up from the couch.

5. Gradually losing your comfiest clothing 'cause your S.O. finds it equally as cozy.

6. Letting them use the bathroom first even though you both have to go really bad.

7. Snuggling together at night even though they're a restless sleeper.

8. Decoding the "I don't care where we eat for dinner; you can choose the restaurant" conversation.

9. Sharing a plate of fries when your S.O. said they'd only want one or two.

10. Handing over your coat/scarf/umbrella in a heartbeat.

11. Still cuddling with them after they fart in bed.

12. Re-bingeing episodes of a TV show so your S.O. can catch up on the season.

13. Still loving them after a hangry tantrum.

14. And, most importantly, always being a loving and supportive partner no matter what.

You do a lot for your relationship, but so does your other half! Give them a gift that shows how much you appreciate the little things this Valentine’s Day!