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Your Foundation Prayers Have Been Answered

Meet the newest beauty tool that will change your makeup routine *forever*

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Make up is a glorious thing...sometimes.

Sometimes, makeup is just a pain in the ass to deal with. Especially foundation. This is for everyone who struggles with foundation selection, doesn't have the rare superpower to perfectly match colors, or just wants to make their lives easier, and all the more beauteous.

Shopping for foundation

Immediately when you walk into a store, you are surrounded by fifty-million-billion shades. Which brand? Which type? Which price? And most important, which shade? How the hell are you supposed to immediately walk up to the correct section and automatically know that you're a 'Creamy Cocoa' or a 45D12?!

Don't even start on shade selection

It's nearly impossible to just look at a bottle and tell whether it, or 50 others, is your perfect match. All you can do is sample a bit or hold the bottle against your skin and shrug that it looks close enough. But close enough isn't good enough. We want our perfect match!

Sometimes what you bring home isn't exactly what you expected.

Lightning is our best and worst enemy at times. Sometimes the lighting in the store is some weird-ass color or so dim you're staggering about. You probably have no idea what shade you're actually carrying until you go home and see the horror.

RIP Women of Color

Being a women of color, or even one that is very light or very dark, is so hard when it comes to foundation. It is rare that any story carries your shade, and if they do, you probably have only one or two options. C'mon stores, represent the other 50% of women!

Seasons: a blessing and a curse

Let's not forget that our skin is constantly changing. One month it's as tan as the sand you were sun-tanning on and the next, as pale as the snow. If you're an athlete or even someone who changes up whether they spend time in the sun or not, your skin tone is always fluctuating between shades. Which means that you probably can't use the foundation you had been --> it's time to buy some new foundation --> you have to go through the process again = more tears and time.


And when you do find a foundation, you have to ration it so it'll survive for decades. Or, you'll just have to use whatever is lying around because shopping for new foundation is a stress-inducing struggle.

But what its this mystical 'Kokko'?

Kokko is an app that solves your foundation problems. It can identify your skin tone under multiply conditions and match it across different brands to find your best, and possibly, perfect match! Who wouldn't want that? Unless you enjoy struggling, going though the hassle, and having the wrong shade. However, if you are someone who prefers avoiding that hassle, check out how to use the app below!

Step 4

Once you've opened the app, it'll tell you to do a few things. The first is to get the magical color chart which is available for shipping and handling. You can even get a free chart until Jan 1, 2017 if you use the code GIMMEKOKKO! Once you receive it, you'll need to find somewhere that has good lighting. Hold the chart up by your ear and take a selfie. Get a chart at a di

Step 5

Finally, the app will do some of its calibrating, voodoo-magic stuff, and voila! The app shows you a list of shades across a bunch of brands that match your skin tone the best. It also has information about each foundation to help you decide which ones is the right one for you skin type, protection level, texture, etc.

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