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Gearing Up For Summer With Markos D1

Let's get some California love

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Markos D1 is a buzzworthy artist on the rise. With his new single in tow "California Love 2.0," he brings his musical essence to the table. His eclectic sound is made for the masses as it evokes an intensity that goes above and beyond the call of duty. We had the chance to catch up with Markos D1 in an exclusive interview below.

Can you remember that moment when you heard music, and were captivated? What was it?

Yes! When I was a Kid came across a song by 'Lauren Hill' Killing me Softly' I would have it on repeat because it was so captivating to me that I actually perform the song in my elementary school in 5th grade.

How would you describe being a musician in the current local scene? Is there a ‘family’ feel around a good portion of the music community?

Well the team around me is like my family. We spend lots of hours working on Music and you have to be 100%

"California Love 2.0" has been a track that has been on my radar for the past 24 hours. How long did it take you to write and record the piece?

"California Love 2,0' Is very special to me. It took about 2 months of writing and I came up with the melody on Interstate 5 stuck on the Hollywood traffic. Recorded the track in two different studios in two weeks because the first time I wasn't happy with the vocals and all the editing so I went to my previous producer and told him just record my vocals with minimum tuning then he put everything together and I loved it.

What song (or songs) on your latest release, are the most personal to you as a songwriter, and why?

The songs that are very Important to me are 'California love' and Rager' Because we did not copy anyone and everything came from the heart. I was Raised and born in 'California' and running around the state working inspired the whole track. 'Rager has not been release yet but when I started the whole writing process with my team and recording the vocals it makes me very emotional.All my music is really weird because its inspired by real things and moment's vs being planned out.

What artists influenced the sound of your music? Does that play a role in your songwriting?

I love a variety of artist from 'Andrea Bocelli' to Snoop Dog' But for these songs I made them very personal and the sound is a mixed of classic with amazing dance elements.

What can you tell us about the initial concept of the release? Was there a specific theme you were trying to portray and had in mind writing?

The concept of the release was something very classical and emotional and I wanted it to have a cinema feel big and rich with amazing upbeat sound and reverbs!

How was the songwriting in general for the record? Was it an easy process, or does it take you a good amount of time to achieve the sounds you wanted?

The songwriting and sound has definitely been the hardest thing for me to express as a artist. The first thing I was asked over and over was who do you want to sound like? My response has been the same one I just want to be me!

I don't want to copy anyone's sound. So making this record has not been a easy task but one thing I can assure you It's 100% Original and from the heart.

What can we expect from Markos D1 in 2017? Any plans for a tour?

I will be filming my first music video this year and starting to tour the USA also this year. I am super excited to meet lots of my fans in person. Never in my life would have imagine that people would care for my music.

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