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Elia Pazzini Takes Over The World

The Italian musician impresses with his eclectic sound.

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Musician Elia Pazzini has just released his stunning new record "White Owl." The gorgeous collection of songs is surely a standout of the Summer, and we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Elia recently to dive into the brilliance of the record. Take a look below!

Can you remember that moment when you heard music, and were captivated? What was it?

Difficult question, I’ve always been a music lover, I mean, everybody love music, music makes you live every experience better! But the moment I felt I had to really put all my passion in it was about 3 years ago, when somehow I realized that my only way to express my feelings and what I really am was through the music, creating new songs. I’ve never been good to express my feelings and what I am in other ways!

How would you describe being a musician in the current local scene? Is there a ‘family’ feel around a good portion of the music community?

Actually I think that to be a musician can be very difficult nowadays, people are starting to idolize the figure of the pop stars more than their real music, so there is a lot of space for frontman and great performer but just a few space for a more intimate kind of music. Lot of people say that they love music and art, but just a few really pay attention to unknown artists.

Record labels are interested in the profit so they don’t make talent discovering activities anymore, they are just focused on already established artist. So if you don’t find other ways to get a strong production it can be very difficult to be noticed

On the other hand with Internet and social network if you’re really good and talented you have the possibilities to promote yourself on your own all over the world.

"Time to Rise" has been a track that has been on my radar for the past few weeks. How long did it take you to write and record the piece?

Time to Rise is the song that it means more to me, in fact it takes just a day to write it, but so many days to record it. When you love something so much you want to do it everything right, and you start to be really careful in every details. So I sang this song in the studio a lot of times because I payed attention to every detail.

What song (or songs) on your latest release, are the most personal to you as a songwriter, and why?

“Time to Rise” and “My wild” for sure are the songs that I feel more personal. They are based on true stories of my life and they picture in the best way all the album concept. This concept is that sometimes we fall in love for the wrong person, for people who don’t really care about others, they are just interested in living rough emotions like passion and thrill and when they’ve taken enough of it from you just leave. The point is that even if it’s painful, it is worth the pain, because these people can also give you incredible emotions, passion and moments which can really make you feel alive in a world so dominated from rationality and schemes. You can’t regret these kind of moment, they are to rare and important, it doesn’t matter how much can be hard when these people leave, you should be thankful anyway, because you’ve lived moments that some people can just dream about

What artists influenced the sound of your music? Does that play a role in your songwriting?

I like pop music, music that is easy to listen to, and which doesn’t pretend to be difficult or just for a niche. I like everything song that makes you dream about something, or makes you smile and dance.

I love Maroon 5, Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, One Republic, but also older artists like Elton John, Freddie Mercurie and others. The role that these artists play in my songwriting is that I try to write melodies and lyrics very straight and clear in their meaning, very easy to remember, to sing and to feel connected to. I try to write songs that can give emotions immediately, not something that you have to think about in order to understand it.

What can you tell us about the initial concept of the release? Was there a specific theme you were trying to portray and had in mind writing?

I write my songs only when I need to do it, when I feel something too strong to keep inside so I take it out creating a song. I don’t write songs thinking about a theme or a message that I want to give, I write about my feelings, talking about situations that can happen to everyone else! So there wasn’t an intended concept before the album, the concept came out naturally because I realized that every song I wrote had more or less the same message and the same feeling behind. The concept is the one I described in the fourth question, and it gives the name (White Owl) to the entire work. The White Owl paints a perfect picture of what the album is about, it pictures a girl unattainable and dark, who belongs only to herself and is less interested in love than in feeling raw emotions like joy, pain and passion, but finally she can also give you the most intense moments in your life. So it is worth the pain.

How was the songwriting in general for the record? Was it an easy process, or does it take you a good amount of time to achieve the sounds you wanted?

I write the most of the songs in just a few time, maybe one or two days, but in studio it worked differently. I mean, I’m still working everyday on my vocals, and my voice can change very quickly, so sometime I record a song and then after 3 weeks I want to sing it again because I know I can do better, this is why I make freak out my arranger Lorenzo!

Apart from that I can say that I recorded only 3-4 takes for some songs to find the right sound, while for other songs I had to sing the same track for 20 times to reach the sound I wanted. In studio I can be very meticulous about the vocals

What can we expect from you in 2017? Any plans for a tour?

I still don’t have a tour planned but I will release the “White Owl” EP the first days of July, and after that I will release some other singles this summer with a new very funny music video!

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