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Electro-Duo URUGUAY Make A Stunning Debut With "Sabrina Segment"

Let's take a listen, shall we?

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Uruguay is the sultry duo of Stepha Murphy and Benjamin Dawson-Sivalia. Their enchanting debut comes in the form of the video "Sabrina Segment," which will have your musical taste-buds drooling.

Their synthy and electro-laced piece jumps to life with Stepha's gorgeously captivating vocals and Benjamin's ethereal instrumentation. Together the two are unstoppable, as "Sabrina Segment" is the perfect introduction piece to the melodic duo. Their experiences come to the forefront as their share their life journey into New York City.

Stepha shared a few intimate words about "Sabrina Segment," stating:

"The story of Sabrina Segment is not an easy one to tell.  It is the raw story of Ben and I, from my, Stepha’s, perspective. This is about what my experiences have been like since coming to New York and embarking on adulthood.  This video is meant to be a portrayal of the complexities of life and showing how it can be hard, raw and unfair, but at the same time balanced."

The video itself is deep on an emotional and storytelling level. It shares the story of a young woman making her way through New York City; kidnapped, raped, abused, homeless, sexualized, drugged, bullied and exploited. The main character Sabrina comes to life in the piece, as the heavy lyricism wills end chills down your spine.

For the video, Uruguay also enlisted the help of young, local talent to create their masterpiece. Reaching out to over 50-brands and individuals in the New York area to help bring their artistic vision to life, the group enlisted Erica O'Brien to film the piece, and Luelle, a clothing brand that has scouted Stepha, to supply the intricately picked fashion for the video. Designer and activist Korina Emmerich was also on board to style the video, and Vega Teknique took the reins in the editing and co-directing.

If there is only ONE new band you fall in love with this year, I highly suggest it be Uruguay. "Sabrina Segment" is an enticing first step into their world, and with a debut already on Rookie Magazine, it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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