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Campfire Cassettes Are On Fire!

The new heroes of Anti-Folk

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Can you remember that moment when you heard music, and were captivated? What was it?

I remember listening to Kenny Rogers with my cousin when I was a little kid. "The Gambler" and "Coward of the County" were my favorite songs. Kenny had this cool, raspy voice and told these vibrant stories that I loved.

How would you describe being a musician in the current Los Angeles scene?

I don’t understand the LA music scene yet. I still feel like a tourist stomping around Hollywood and Highland, taking pictures with guys dressed up like superheroes.

Is there a ‘family’ feel around a good portion of the music community?

I work full time in TV/Film; the whole band does. That is the industry we understand. The LA music scene is still a little foreign to us, but we're trying to change that.

"Lemonade Stand" has been a track that has been on my radar for the past couple of weeks. How long did it take you to write and record the piece?

We wrote “Lemonade Stand” in an afternoon, and recorded it in about a day. Most of our songs come together like this, and we tend to scrap the ones that don't. Our upcoming album, 'Screecher', has 16 tracks and took about 3 weeks to record.

What song (or songs) on your latest release, are the most personal to you as a songwriter, and why?

I like to lie and say that these songs are just fictional stories, and “Entertain Me” is no exception, but it's probably the most personal. It questions whether it’s worth starting a romantic relationship that will most likely end or become hollow. “Do you really want to fall in love? Do you really want to die in someone else’s arms? Do you really want to feel an ideal fall apart? Do you really want to break my heart?”

What artists influenced the sound of your music? Does that play a role in your songwriting?

I’m encouraged by musicians more than I'm influenced by them. People like Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), David Bazan (Pedro The Lion) and Regina Spektor remind me that you can say, sing, or play anything, and that any word, noise, or utterance is a valid building block for a song.

What can you tell us about the initial concept of the record? Was there a specific theme you were trying to portray and had in mind writing?

'Screecher' wasn't written as a concept record, but there is a recurring character throughout - a "small town boy, with a city dream".

How was the songwriting in general for the record? Was it an easy process, or does it take you a good amount of time to achieve the sounds you wanted?

I write simple songs, so it's a pretty quick process, then I take them to the band and they add all the bells and whistles...and sometimes a kazoo.

What can we expect from you in 2017 aside from the new record? Any plans for a stateside tour?

We plan on making more music videos this year and we’ll start writing an experimental EP in June, just to shake the cobwebs loose. As far as a tour, we’re on a 33 day/28 show tour right now. We finish in Phoenix on May 16th with Andy Warpigs.

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