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Women Are Facing A Hygiene Crisis

Being able to go to the store and buy tampons every month is a luxury for a lot of women. Throughout the world, even in the UK, some women can’t afford even the most basic need, such as a tampon despite it being something that they need every single month. Thousands of women face this reality on a consistent basis and this Indiegogo Campaign is trying to change that. Here’s more about this sometimes devastating and embarrassing issue and what you can do to help.

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The Beginning

The idea behind an organic tampon started with Rene and Lou. They first visited a local food bank to try to help with giving what they thought was the main thing that people needed there, food. However, they soon discovered that what many women were needing was tampons. While at the food bank, a woman named Kate approached Lou asking her if she could have a tampon. Kate mentioned that she had been using toilet paper from area restaurants instead of feminine hygiene products because she simply couldn’t afford them. She also said that a lot of time tampons would be irritating to her, but she couldn’t afford to go to the doctor for treatment. Rene and Lou soon realized that Kate needed organic tampons so they went out to try to find some for her. The discovered that there were not a lot of choices when it came to organic tampons. After they returned to the food bank with three boxes of tampons for Kate, she was overwhelmed with gratitude and even gave some of the tampons away to other women. Rene and Lou then decided to develop organic tampons for women. No woman should have to feel the embarrassment of having to ask a stranger for a safe tampon. They shouldn’t have to put their life at risk either by using an alternative that is unsafe. Access to safe feminine hygiene products is something that Rene and Lou want to make sure that all women have, whether they can afford them or not. Safe feminine hygiene products should be a basic right, and not a luxury for women all over the world. No woman should have to go through what Kate did and this company is trying to make sure that no woman has to endure this monthly struggle.

Why You Can't Choose To Ignore Organic Tampons

Organic tampons shouldn’t be considered a luxury and can’t be ignored.Using tampons that aren’t organic can have drastic consequences. Because organic tampons can be expensive, many women are using cheaper alternatives that aren’t seen as safe. Non-organic tampons contain chemicals such as bleach and other toxins that can have drastic side effects. These include issues with the urinary system, hormone imbalances and cancer. Traditional tampons just aren’t safe for women, but unfortunately, some women are having to use them because they can’t afford a safer alternative. Organic brands cotton tampons are exactly what is needed, but isn’t readily available. So many women are putting their health at risk by using non-organic tampons when they shouldn’t have too. All women should have access to safe feminine hygiene products.

How This Indiegogo Campaign Is Making A Difference

This campaign is working to raise money and awareness for these organic tampons.This completely natural product will allow women to know exactly what they are putting into their body. There is also a delivery service so that you can have tampons delivered to your door every month and don’t have to make a sometimes embarrassing trip to the store to go purchase them yourself. 15% of the proceeds will go back into the community by giving homeless women and refugees in the UK tampons to use. This will allow them to not have to rely on unhealthy alternatives during their menstrual cycle and also help them avoid negative side effects as well. For more information about this campaign, please visit: . Even a small contribution can have a big impact when it comes to women’s health. The makers of this tampon are also working on other organic products as well to offer the community in the future. Be part of this exciting movement today by investing in women’s health today.

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