13 Beautful Photos Of Ewan McGregor And Animals

Ewan McGregor is essentially the perfect man, he does a lot of charity work (see Unicef), is very adventurous (see Long Way Round, Long Way Down and Long Way up), can grown an impressive moustache as seen in his new film Jack the Giant Slayer and he LOVES animals according to these photos and GIFs.

1. His one and only - Sid

First of all, here is Ewan with his adorable dog Sid. Sid rides with him on his motorcycle in a side-car. Amazing.

2. He likes dressing up as them…

a smokin’ hot bunny rabbit (uuugh, look at his beautiful face)

3. He’s secretly a Furry…

a sexy one (he kind of looks like Rhys Darby here, no?)

4. He feeds them…

I wouldn’t mind taking a bite (that’s an innuendo ya’ll…)

5. He cleans up after them…

and he still looks good doing it

6. He stares longingly in their eyes…

I want to be that cat…or one of those oranges

7. He doesn’t even get mad when they steal his shit…

He mostly looks disappointed in that crow, which we all know is worse

8. He kisses them on the mouth, no matter how hard it might be…

Any type of bird would be hard to kiss right on the beak but he does it flawlessly

9. He makes movies about them…

Like Big Fish (ah-mah-zing movie)


The Men Who Stare At Goats (I didn’t see this but there’s some sort of goat here…)


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (also didn’t see this…I’m starting to feel like a bad person)


and Beginners…..wait a minute….

13. Hey girl, I saw Ewan McGregor did this so I’m going to do it too because he’s THAT good…

Even Ryan Gosling is unoriginal compared to Ewan McGregor!

14. He just loves them, okay?! Look at this puppy!!!

This puppy licks him and then bites his beard…What?! In conclusion, he’s so perfect.

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