Why Lafayette Reynolds Is Your New Best Friend

Hookah please

1. He is the sassiest sasser in all of the sassdom

tumblr.com / Via tumblr

2. I mean, he is seriously sassy

tumblr.com / Via tumblr

3. He can help you with your make up

Since his is always flawless (and he knows it)

5. And if you ever need to borrow a headscarf he’s got you covered

6. He asks the important questions

7. When you’re besties, he’ll call you “hookah”

to show his affection for you, what else?

8. And you can scope out boys together

9. Basically he’s the most perfect person on the face of the planet

10. But most importantly…

11. He’s there for you when you need him…

12. Even if its a bad time

Or what you’re asking him to do is seriously crazy - this is Bon Temps after all

13. Did I mention he’s sassy?


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