16 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is The Greatest City On The Planet

Pittsburgh was once described as Hell with the lid off. Well, whoever said that was an idiot.

1. Their signature sandwich has french fries on it.


2. Pitt’s campus has the Cathedral of Learning.

And its probably the closest thing to Hogwarts you’ll ever see

3. Hogwarts at Christmas!

4. Like Bridges? You’re in Luck!

Pittsburgh is home to a record 446 bridges!

5. How about movies? Recently tons have been filmed in Pittsburgh, such as The Dark Knight.

cdn.shopify.com / Via Steel City Cotton Works

And The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

6. We have our own lingo.

And yinz guys better not be jagoffs about it.

7. Did I mention the sports teams?

8. The Steelers have the most super bowl wins of any NFL team.

We got one for the thumb AND one for the other hand.

9. The Penguins aren’t too shabby either.. And we’ve got Sid the Kid!

Even if he gets injured about every five seconds.

10. And the Pirates… Well they have a cool logo!

11. There’s a neighborhood named Squirrel Hill.

They even made a movie about a girl from there entering a beauty pageant - You’re going down Sewickley!!

12. Speaking of Neighborhoods, they are serious business.


13. But they’re all pretty great…

14. Cost of Living is low, so go ahead—buy a house and settle in!

This beaut is just $115,900 for 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Where do I sign?

15. Andrew Zimmern had this to say about Pittsburgh.

And he has possibly eaten in every city in the world.

16. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, just look at that gorgeous skyline.

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