16 More Reasons To Love Pittsburgh

As if you needed more reasons.

1. Andy Warhol

There is a lot of great art in Pittsburgh (check out the Mattress Factory and Carnegie Museum of Art), but Andy Warhol stands out as unique. The balloon room in his museum is probably the most fun you’ll ever have in a museum. Ever.

2. Kennywood

For those who don’t know, Kennywood is an amusement park in Pittsburgh. It was founded in 1898 and remains one of the oldest amusement parks today. Kennywood even boasts a wooden coaster - The Thunderbolt - which is both rare and a great ride!

3. Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers is one of my favorite things about Pittsburgh. I’m not embarrassed to say that I was way past excited when I got to see the land of make believe in person - as an adult.

4. Staircases

Pittsburgh has more stairs than San Francisco and Cincinnati combined. They might be a bitch to deal with when you actually live there (especially in the winter), but its still fun to try to find the hidden ones.

5. Retaining Walls

They are literally everywhere. It might seem like a funny reason to love a city, but you won’t realize why you miss them until you do.

6. Hills

Making stairs and retaining walls necessary since… forever. Again, they’re kind of a pain in the ass, but they make views like this possible. So, worth it.

7. Universities

There are so many great colleges in Pittsburgh, and they provide much more than just higher education. I mean have you seen what Carnegie Mellon is doing with robots?

8. Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa

You might not know these two are from Pittsburgh since they’re all famous now, but songs like “Frick Park Market” and “Pittsburgh Sound” show their roots. Fun fact: these two both attended Taylor Allderdice High School

9. Pamela’s Diner

Ahh now we’re getting to the good stuff, food. Pamela’s diner is everything you want in a breakfast joint: delicious, cheap, and funky. And yes those are the Obama’s enjoying Pamela’s bounty. The Prez loves their pancakes!

10. French Fries with Cheese from “The O”

“The O” is The Original Hot Dog Shop famed for their double fried fries. They are best when dipped in delicious cheese (or a cheese like substance) and should be sought out anytime you’ve had one too many. P.S. That mountain of fries you see in the picture? That’s a small.

11. The Strip District

Once home to strictly wholesale restaurant distributors, the Strip has been revitalized to include restaurants, shops, and street vendors. Highlights include:

De Luca’s

Yes, that is considered breakfast food. Are you saying you don’t usually eat pancakes and ice cream for breakfast?

Wholey’s Fish Market

More fish than you could ever possibly want in your life. And sometimes they have delicious (cooked) samples to hand out on the sidewalk! Yay! Free!!

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

They sell 200,000 lbs of cheese every week! Whaaa?!

There are even more amazing places in the strip - check out a more complete list here

12. Forbes Field

One of the first of its kind, and host to many a great player and game. The Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers all played on this historic field.

13. Using a chair to reserve your parking spot

Those present for snowmaggedon a few years back know the true significance of the chair. Yinz better respect the chair. No seriously, they will fight you.

14. Bars

Pittsburgh has the 4th most bars per capita, which means there’s pretty much a bar on every corner. And 4 beers won’t even cost you that much, since typically drinks are pretty cheap.

15. The Steel Mills

The Steel Mills of Pittsburgh made it what it is today, not to mention contributed to the growth of the United States. They made Pittsburgh quite polluted for many years, but they’ve since cleaned up their act and even won a few “green” awards in recent years.

16. Rick Sebak

There are so many more reasons to love Pittsburgh, which brings me to number 16: Rick Sebak. Mr. Sebak is a documentary filmmaker that focuses on quirky aspects of Pittsburgh, and he’s been at it for a couple decades now (so he’s pretty much covered it all). He really is like Santa, if what you wanted for Christmas was sweet sweet Pittsburgh lovin’.

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