Why Every Girl Wanted To Be: Lizzie McGuire

Just try and act like you don’t know every word to the theme song.

1. Because she had an animated version of herself who was actually kind of a bitch

ID: 1103745

2. Because Gordo would always love her even though she couldn’t get over Ethan Craft

ID: 1103751

3. Because her doppelgänger was an Italian Pop star

ID: 1103766

4. Because of the her and Miranda’s crazy ass hair styles….that everyone tried out once or twice

ID: 1103780

5. Because her arch enemy Kate Sanders introduced us to the U-G-L-Y cheer

ID: 1103791

6. Because her younger brother Matt’s best friend Lanny was mute and no one even noticed

ID: 1103795

7. Because the only reason Kate Sanders ever became popular was because she got a bra. EW.

ID: 1103797

8. Because Aaron Carter made a guest appearance as himself, which obviously led to their hot and heavy pre-pubescent romance

ID: 1103801

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