A SnapChat By Any Other Name Is A Selfie

How snapchat brought back the selfie and made it cool…or at least more socially acceptable. posted on

1. The Kiss Face: Best used when relaying any of the messages below

1. I look like this when I kiss
2. I think this face looks good
3. I’m a duck. Quack.

2. The peace sign: Great when trying to say…

1. Peace!
2. I have two fingers!
3. I used to do this as a joke and now I can’t stop.
4. I’m just being Miley

3. The Nude: Ideal when telling that special someone

1. I just went to the gym
2. I’m overcompensating
3. I’d be an awesome stripper
4. Oh, sorry wrong number…

4. The Artist: be proud of your artistic abilities to tell people..

1. Look I’m a (insert name of whatever the hell you’re supposed to be here)
2. I can draw good
3. This makes selfies way more fun
4. I’m drunk and will most definitely be regretting this tomorrow

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