11 Annoying City Living Problems

Living in a city has its ups and downs. Sure there’s great food, shopping and culture, but there are a lot of unpleasantries as well. However, there are ways around it. Buying in bulk and transporting appliances is easy with a Zipcar.

1. Dodging pigeons.

Billy Hicks / Via commons.wikimedia.org

2. Making small talk with cab drivers when you’re really not in the mood.

lorna / Via Flickr: lornagrl

3. When you’re a block out of the pizza delivery zone, and have to actually leave your apartment to get it.

http://__username__ / Via Flickr: 8113246@N02

4. Falling asleep on the train and waking up in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

5. Pushing your way through crowds when you’re running late.

Crashworks / Via Flickr: mrcrash

6. Running into your ex and their new significant other on the street (when you of course aren’t looking your best).

vonderauvisuals / Via Flickr: vonderauvisuals

7. Missing your train by one second and watching it zoom past you.

Bahi P / Via Flickr: bahi_p

8. Those dreaded two little words that cause you to walk around and around trying to find an ATM.

Bonnie Natko / Via Flickr: bondidwhat

9. Getting stuck in a down pour on your way to something important.

Tony Hisgett / Via commons.wikimedia.org

10. Buying in bulk is impossible.

11. And the most annoying thing of all…a 2 hour wait for brunch?! You could drive to the suburbs in that amount of time.

Basheer Tome / Via Flickr: basheertome

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