‘Por El Camino’ Is ‘Lost In Translation’ Set In Uruguay

Film by Charly Braun

1. Santiago, a twenty-something Argentinean, takes a boat to Montevideo to claim land willed to him by his parents.

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3. On his way out of the capitol, he notices Juliette, a young Belgian woman who was also on the boat.

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5. After discovering they’re heading in the same direction, the two travelers hit the road together.

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7. Both are looking to make a change in their lives:

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8. Santiago used to be an investment banker in Manhattan, but his parents’ death has inspired him to try something different.

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9. Juliette is hoping to ignite a relationship with a Uruguayan commune leader she’d met in Costa Rica.

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10. The two strike up a playful friendship as their trip brings them in contact with peculiar locals…

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13. Santiago’s wealthy, well-connected family…

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16. and the hippy commune’s earthy residents.

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19. Braun combines French, U.S., and South American influences with dramatic Uruguayan landscapes…

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23. and his lead’s relaxed chemistry to create a road movie that captures the airy restlessness of youth…

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26. in the tale of two characters who start out digging into their past…

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28. only to find they’ve unearthed their present.

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29. Watch the trailer!

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/27739779.
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30. For more info, visit the OFFICIAL SITE

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