25 Times Cartoons Were In Love With Pizza

Even your favorite animated characters know that pizza is king.

1. That time Professor Xavier used his powers the right way.

ABC Family / Via

2. But Wolverine ignored him and kept the pizza for himself.

3. That time Ariel realized her true love wasn’t a human.

Disney / Via

4. The time the Evil Queen actually told the truth.

5. That time Finn professed his love to the world.

Cartoon Network / Via

6. And subsequently ate his body weight in pizza.

Cartoon Network / Via

7. That time Homer wished he had two mouths.

Fox / Via

8. And Daria sarcastically ate a slice.

9. …Even with a friend.

10. Seriously, Daria loved pizza.

MTV / Via

12. That time Heffer scarfed down a whole pie.

Nickelodeon / Via

13. And when Garfield cheated on his lasagna.

Cartoon Network / Via

14. TWICE.

Cartoon Network / Via

15. So basically any time Garfield ate food.

Cartoon Network / Via

16. Sigh.

Cartoon Network / Via

17. When Scooby mastered that new eating technique.

Cartoon Network / Via

18. That time Michaelangelo fought his tastebuds instead of crime.

CBS / Via

19. And when Raphael made the biggest mistake of his life.

20. When Doug proved that cartoon pizza looked as good as the real thing.

Nickelodeon / Via

21. When Invader Zim wanted to invade your mouth.

Nickelodeon / Via


Nickelodeon / Via

23. When the Krusty Krab pizza was the pizza for you and me.

Nickeldeon / Via

24. When this slice of pizza was literally your destiny, making its way around the world and into your mouth.

25. And when Vicky ate the whole damn pie by herself.

Nickelodeon / Via

Appropriate human reactions:

AMC / Via
Food Network / Via

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