25 Times Cartoons Were In Love With Pizza

Even your favorite animated characters know that pizza is king.

1. That time Professor Xavier used his powers the right way.

ABC Family / Via pheed.com
ID: 2346749

2. But Wolverine ignored him and kept the pizza for himself.

ID: 2346745

3. That time Ariel realized her true love wasn’t a human.

Disney / Via img.pandawhale.com
ID: 2346686

4. The time the Evil Queen actually told the truth.

ID: 2346755

5. That time Finn professed his love to the world.

Cartoon Network / Via hgsj0919.tistory.com
ID: 2346687

6. And subsequently ate his body weight in pizza.

Cartoon Network / Via giphy.com
ID: 2346744

7. That time Homer wished he had two mouths.

Fox / Via stupidgifs.com
ID: 2346688

8. And Daria sarcastically ate a slice.

ID: 2346689

9. …Even with a friend.

ID: 2346750

10. Seriously, Daria loved pizza.

MTV / Via wordpress.com
ID: 2346700

11. *Done*

ID: 2346705

12. That time Heffer scarfed down a whole pie.

Nickelodeon / Via gifstumblr.com
ID: 2346690

13. And when Garfield cheated on his lasagna.

Cartoon Network / Via s3-ec.buzzfed.com
ID: 2346754

14. TWICE.

Cartoon Network / Via gif-king.com
ID: 2346697

15. So basically any time Garfield ate food.

Cartoon Network / Via media.giphy.com
ID: 2346691

16. Sigh.

Cartoon Network / Via scratch.mit.edu
ID: 2346699

17. When Scooby mastered that new eating technique.

Cartoon Network / Via pleated-jeans.com
ID: 2346693

18. That time Michaelangelo fought his tastebuds instead of crime.

CBS / Via pophangover.com
ID: 2346695

19. And when Raphael made the biggest mistake of his life.

ID: 2346698

20. When Doug proved that cartoon pizza looked as good as the real thing.

Nickelodeon / Via i1253.photobucket.com
ID: 2346702

21. When Invader Zim wanted to invade your mouth.

Nickelodeon / Via cdn.gifbay.com
ID: 2346703


Nickelodeon / Via pizza-party.tumblr.com
ID: 2346752

23. When the Krusty Krab pizza was the pizza for you and me.

Nickeldeon / Via giphy.com
ID: 2346710

24. When this slice of pizza was literally your destiny, making its way around the world and into your mouth.

ID: 2346753

25. And when Vicky ate the whole damn pie by herself.

Nickelodeon / Via ramenjesus.tumblr.com
ID: 2346747

Appropriate human reactions:

AMC / Via media.heavy.com
ID: 2346768
Food Network / Via blogger.com
ID: 2346773
Universal Pictures / Via content.messynessychic.com
ID: 2346774
Nickelodeon / Via somegif.com
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