Romney Spokesman Crashes Biden’s Dinner Date

Vice President Joe Biden had an unwelcome guest at Naples Spaghetti House in Steubenville, Ohio where he was eating with former Gov. Ted Strickland — Mitt Romney’s deputy press secretary Ryan Williams. Biden Press Secretary Amy Dudley played along. posted on

Surprise guest at the table next to me at Naples Spaghetti house in Steubenville OH. Strange to see him in coal country" target="_blank">">

Just got a nice shout out & handshake from @JoeBiden." target="_blank">">@JoeBiden. Wouldn't answer my question about why he thinks coal is more dangerous than terrorism.

.@JoeBiden" target="_blank">">@JoeBiden was quickly ushered out of the dining room at the restaurant. Guess he thinks I'm a lousy dinner guest.

View of WV across river from the restaurant - where @JoeBiden" target="_blank">">@JoeBiden almost got beat in primary by a federal inmate last week." target="_blank">">

So nice of @RyanGOP" target="_blank">">@RyanGOP to join us for dinner at Naples Spaghetti House in Steubenville" target="_blank">">

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