Anderson Cooper Explains Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office To Top Romney Adviser

Romney Communications Director Gail Gitcho says the “CBO” report from the Obama administration claimed that the stimulus would keep unemployment below eight percent. The CBO doesn’t work for Obama, as Cooper notes, and it never wrote that. The eight percent figure comes from a projection authored by Obama aides before he even took office.

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Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith rubbed it in after the interview:

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Oh wow, @ggitcho really stepped in it on @AC360. Falsely attributes a report to CBO, then doesn’t know what the CBO is. #bruuuuutal— Lis Smith

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A flabbergasted @andersoncooper explaining the CBO 2 @ggitcho: “Isn’t the CBO nonpartisan?…[POTUS] doesn’t control the CBO!”— Lis Smith

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