13 Times "Ja’mie: Private School Girl" Taught Us Valuable Life Lessons

She’s just the quiche-est.

1. When she taught us to set goals and time frames.

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2. When Ja’mie taught us to always stick to the plan.

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3. That time she showed us that confidence is key in any and all situations.

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4. When Ja’mie taught us that it’s OK to allow the ones we love to help us in dark times.

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5. When she showed us the correct and loving ways to bond with our siblings.

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6. When she taught us to always tell our friends the truth, no matter what.

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7. That time Ja’mie taught us to support interracial relationships.

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8. As well as LGBTQIA relationships.

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9. When she taught us that sometimes the only way to deal with a problem is throw a bitch down.

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10. That time Ja’mie proved that honesty is the best policy.

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11. When Ja’mie taught us to have standards and that it’s OK to tell a guy or girl “no.”

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12. When she taught us to always be the smartest one in the group.

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13. And finally, when she taught us that we need feminism and equality.


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