Eight Reasons Why “Mad Men’s” Roger Sterling Is A Lovable Scoundrel

Most of the time John Slattery’s character is just plain sexist. But sometimes, he deserves a standing ovation.

1. He’s the prime example of a silver fox

2. He looks a lot like another silver fox we know…

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3. He can be vulnerable sometimes. Like when Don filled him up with oysters and martinis…

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Then made him walk up 23 flights of stairs

4. He said this

5. Roger’s ex-wife on the show, Mona, is his wife in real life

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6. This happened with Don’s mother-in-law

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And poor Sally Draper was watching…

7. Sure, Roger says sexist stuff like this sometimes…

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8. But he also had a great time (maybe too great of a time?) during season five, episode six

gifsfln.tumblr.com / Via http://tumblr

And that’s why we love him

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