10 Times We Took "Just Doing Me" Way Too Far

You do you boo boo! You do you.

1. When she tried that new, trendy diet

I dare you to try it.

ID: 1805896

2. That time you decided to cut your own hair

ID: 1810541

but it turned out something more like this…


ID: 1810590

3. That time Dan Humphrey revealed himself as Gossip Girl

GQ / Via gq.com

After 6 seasons of absolute anguish and suspense, banished Brooklynite Daniel Humphrey finally came forward as the source of drama and social turmoil on the Upper East Side for the past 5 years.

ID: 1805351

4. When your girlfriend shrugged off shaving for 4 weeks

ID: 1805734

5. When this possum broke into a bakery and ate all the pastries…


ID: 1805431

6. When you YOLO’d out and went to the cooler, more expensive college…

…rather than the one that gave you more financial aid

ID: 1810627

and ended up in crippling debt

ID: 1810641

7. That time you dropped out of high school to become a rapper

ID: 1810714

8. When she #DidItForTheVine…at Target

ID: 1810773

9. When Miley killed Hanna Montana

ID: 1811542

10. The time you got that awesome tattoo

Tell ‘em how you really feel!

ID: 1811792

But no matter what happens, keep doing you

ID: 1811632

because no one can do you like you can do you.

ID: 1811856

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