When It’s OK To Eat Dollar Pizza

Dollar pizza is the new McDonalds: tasty, addictive, dirt cheap, and Tracy Morgan loves it.

1. 1. When you’ve thrown all of your money away on top-shelf vodka.

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4. 2. When you miss your train and the only thing that can make you feel better is a fresh slice.

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5. 3. When you want nothing more than to eat your heart out…

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6. …but you don’t get paid until Friday.

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7. 4. When you want to unleash your inner big girl and have a round with the guys.

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9. 5. When you finally crawl home after a 48-hour bender…

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10. …and the only thing you can see are the lights above your favorite dollar pizza spot.

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11. 6. But no matter what, dollar pizza will always be there to pick you up when you’re feeling low.

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12. So put your troubles behind you and go grab a slice!

If it’s good enough for Tracy, it’s good enough for me.

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