13 Psychological Mind Tricks That Will Mess With Your Head

Can your eyes keep up with your brain? Let your geek flag fly and check out what you missed during Geek Week on YouTube for some seriously nerdy fun.

1. Rainbow Vortex

ID: 1379183

2. Cylindrical Portrait

Amanda Warren / Via Flickr: kansas_city_royalty
ID: 1377472

3. 3-D Painting

Jirka Matousek / Via Flickr: jirka_matousek

On display at the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul, South Korea.

ID: 1377507

4. Dancing Leaves

ID: 1377469

5. Perspective House

Scott / Via Flickr: skippy
ID: 1377482
Scott / Via Flickr: skippy
ID: 1377485

6. Dot Illusion

ID: 1377486

7. “Bigger On The Inside” Trick

Possible T.A.R.D.I.S. technology?

ID: 1377638

8. Rolling Wheels

ID: 1377495

9. Ames Room

Ian Stannard / Via Flickr: silly_little_man

Ames rooms are built purposefully distorted to create an optical illusion.

ID: 1377497

10. Skewed Checkerboard Illusion

The light blue lines are perfectly straight horizontally. Woah.

ID: 1377479

11. Magic Chair

ID: 1377630

12. Positioning Perspective

ID: 1377655

13. Wandering Eyes

ID: 1377480

Now who’s ready to have some fun with non-Newtonian physics?

ID: 1475546

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