12 Reasons You Should Be Watching Vlogs

There are some real characters out there. Here is a collection of our favorite vloggers on YouTube. Is your favorite person not on the list? Check out Comedy Week coming to YouTube May 19th.

1. Because no one should have to brave IKEA alone.

ID: 1098740
ID: 1098743

2. Because Matt Damon.

ID: 1098764
ID: 1098768

3. Because you need singing lessons.

ID: 1098813
ID: 1098815

4. Because your parents told you to find a practical career.

ID: 1098924
ID: 1098930

5. Because LOST is impossible to understand.

ID: 1098701
ID: 1098703

6. Because you’re grammar isn’t well.

ID: 1101018
ID: 1101021

7. Because kissing is really hard.

ID: 1101199
ID: 1101201

8. Because you don’t have the balls to stand up for the Queen.

ID: 1100964
ID: 1100966

9. Because your instagram poses are getting repetitive.

ID: 1099049
ID: 1099055

10. Because you are not spending $14 on a ticket to Breaking Dawn Part 2.

ID: 1099260
ID: 1099262

11. Because you want to know how to get your man back.

ID: 1101164
ID: 1101165

12. Because you don’t want to deal with the repercussions of owning your own Furby.

ID: 1100836
ID: 1100839

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