Here Is Why Broadway’s Lena Hall Is The Best Man You’ll Ever Know

What does it take to be a real man to Hedwig & the Angry Inch’s Neil Patrick Harris eight times a week?

3. A real man covets wigs. Hedwig’s wigs.

4. A real man sings the title song from “Hurt Locker: The Musical”

5. A real man lifts up his hands.

6. A real man does THAT to Neil Patrick Harris.

7. A real man puts on his own makeup (Wig in a Box style).

8. A real man sings from the Whitney Houston Songbook.

YouTube / Via

9. A real man gets to veg out with Stephen Trask.

10. A real man has LEGS FOR MILES. OMG. 1950’S PIN-UP GIRL, SHE IS.

11. A real man can be a Disney Princess.

Lena Hall’s Twitter/Zac Posen Studio / Via Twitter: @LenaRockerHall

12. A real man changes his name (JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!)

Bad Ass Josh Ferri/ / Via

13. A real man changes his name to be like LENA “GLINDA” HORNE.

15. A real man has a team named after him.

16. A real man TWEETS BACK to his awkward fan.

17. A real man says hi to Sarah Jessica Parker on the street.

18. A real man got to touch Gavin Creel’s torso.

19. A real man gets man-handled by this guy on “All My Children”

20. A real man hangs out with the Anderson Cooper of Broadway, big-time producer Mr. Jordan Roth.

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