15 Times Tyra Banks Proved She’s Actually A Philosopher

First you Smize, then you Tooch and Booch.

Tyra Banks is known for being one of earth’s greatest Supermodels.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images


She’s even BETTER known as the host of America’s Next Top Model.

You might not know this about her, but she’s got some important ~philosophies~

9. She can ~predict~ the future.

10. She has out-of-body experiences.

11. She can ~control~ the light.

12. She knows when she has to get REAL with those who don’t follow her theories.

15. She has an all-seeing eye. She’s always watching you.

Tyra is in the same camp as John Locke, Socrates, and Nietzche. SMIZE, ya know?

And that’s why we must all bow down to Tyra Banks.

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